Pogue Productions Is Now Proudly Powered By WordPress

Pogue Productions is now up and running on the WordPress CMS!

Although I enjoy creating simple, efficient, user-friendly websites in HTML, WordPress offers a lot more dynamic content and great tools for website creation and expansion. I first used WordPress several years ago to create a blog that I spent a lot of time and energy on. The blog became semi-successful (700k+ unique views and consistent ad-revenue) before I stopped working on it due to time and other various constraints. However, during my time with the blog I learned how valuable a tool like WordPress can be; so when I wanted to expand on Pogue Productions, by implementing articles and other dynamic content, I immediately thought of using the WordPress content management system.

WordPress is highly customizable. There are thousands of great add-ons, called plugins, that extend the functionality of WordPress, and there are thousands of themes available to modify its appearance as well. Stay tuned for various articles, tips, and tricks, related to web design and development, usability practices and etc. as well as for various CMS services that I will be adding later on for those of you who need/want a hand in creating and developing your own CMS powered Website as well as those who would like one custom created for them.

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